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Space at home has never been so valuable.


Our insulated garden rooms are designed in the UK, with mains or solar-powered electricity. Fokus garden rooms are easy to install, aesthetic and designed to fit no or low-level planning permission requirements.
Create the garden room style that you want with decoration-ready inner and outer walls made from weather-proof materials.


Fokus garden rooms are insulated for energy-efficient heating and electricity. All garden rooms can be installed with solar-powered electricity and infra-red heating technology  to save on ongoing costs.
Designed for year-round use, you can forget what you thought you know about traditional garden room. This is an actual room that happens to be in your garden.


All Fokus garden rooms are built from A1 fire-rated materials making them safer than garden rooms conventional timber-based garden room structures.


Your garden room will be damp, mould and weather resistant for longevity. With practical and aesthetic design considerations Fokus garden rooms can be used all year round, safely.

Enquire about your garden room

solar powered insulated garden room work


From £30,000

2.4m x 3m

5m x 3m

7m x 3m

custom sizes

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From £22,000

2.4m x 3m

5m x 3m

7m x 3m

custom sizes

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From £ 15,000


2.4m x 3m

5m x 3m

7m x 3m

custom sizes

Flexible Design

Fokus garden rooms are available in our pre-designed range and in bespoke designs.

Decoration ready exterior and interior walls so that you can make your room your own.

Trade enquiries for wall panel system or finished rooms are welcome.

Increase Property Value

Fokus insulated garden rooms with electricity increase your space and enhance your home.


No planning permission required to install our any of our pre-designed models for unprotected land.  If your land is protected, low-level planning permission is required.


Value-added to your property when BASIC planning permission is approved.

Fire and Water Proof

All Fokus garden rooms are A1 fire-rated materials which is only one of the ways Fokus stands apart from cheaper timber-based garden structures.

Our garden rooms materials are damp-proof materials and mould-resistant with weather-resistant outer walls for long-lasting, year round use.


Eco-friendly options include solar power, low voltage lighting, and infra-red heating.

Full Service

Design, engineering, manufacture and installation

Delivery and Setup

Delivered and installed by our professional team

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Work from home without moving home

Space is healthy. As we adjust to our new normals and enjoy spending more time with loved ones, we need a dedicated place to have a home office, a gym, a place to relax, to offer a service or a retail space to sell products.  Fokus garden rooms are multi-functional spaces that enable you to make the most of your space at home.


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narcissus arts fokus garden room office
tala lightbulb fokus garden room office
Install your own private breathing room in a matter of weeks.
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