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On A Mission To Help People Adapt

Fokus was inspired by a mission to help people adapt and carry on in a fast-changing world. 2020 has been a difficult year. The impact of the virus has been felt worldwide and touched all walks of life. People have been forced to change and embrace new ways of living, working and socialising.  With change, comes challenges. As a company that was forced to work remotely overnight, the team at Sheridan&Co experienced first hand the challenges of working from home in an environment that was designed for another purpose, such as dining, relaxing, sleeping or living. As work entered the home life, the team recognised the emotional and creative need to separate their work space from their home space. Being conscious when it comes to the purpose of space led to Sheridan&Co developing an opportunity for people to redefine their own space to better suit their new way of living.

What makes the FOKUS // Breathing Room unique?

Traditional garden room manufacturers think from a purely practical perspective, whereas Fokus’ USP is that it is supported by Sheridan&Co’s design expertise. Not only do they have more practical credentials than any other producer, but they place the people who need these spaces first when it comes to the design. 


Due to Sheridan&Co’s design background, the agency has combined their expertise and regard for the importance that the environment plays on overall wellbeing and work productivity. By thinking from a people perspective, they have created a concept that not only enhances the client’s home, but gives them an opportunity to boost their wellbeing and work environment, whilst also ensuring personalisation and self expression.

001_3 x 7_Dining Room_View04.jpg

Flexible Design

Available in pre-designed & bespoke

Decoration ready exterior

& interior walls

Trade enquiries for wall panel system or finished rooms welcome

Increase Property Value

Increase your space and enhance your home


No planning permission required to install


Value-added to your property when BASIC planning permission is approved

Fire and Water Proof

A-grade fire-resistant


Damp-proof materials


Weather-proof outer walls




Solar power

Low voltage

Infra-red heating


Well insulated

Full Service Solution








Fast Delivery and Setup

Delivered by our professional team


Installed in as little as 48 hours (excl. site prep)


Electrics included

Install your own private breathing room in a matter of weeks.
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