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2.4m x 3m

from £17,999

plus installation and additional costs


5m x 3m

from £25,999

plus installation and additional costs


7m x 3m

from £33,999

plus installation and additional costs


Fokus was inspired by our mission to help people adapt and carry on in a fast changing world. Our commercial garden rooms have been created alongside Sheridan&Co's retail strategy and design team who understand the challenges that retail brands and services must adapt to. Our commercial garden rooms can be adapted to help hairdressers, hospitality, private healthcare services, the beauty industry - to name a few- to create boutique, personalised offerings to service their local communities.

Breathing Rooms by Fokus are available in three standard sizes, with bespoke options available. Whether you have acres of commercial land, or space to bring your business into your back garden, our garden rooms can be enjoyed all year round with solar-powered electricity, infra-red heating and insulation fitted as standard.

Planning permission is rarely needed for our UK garden rooms, and enquiries from outside the UK are welcome.

insulated garden room uk hair salon work
001_3 x 5_Outdoor Dining_View01.jpg
001_3 x 7_Bedroom_Double_View01.jpg
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treatment room garden room physiotherapi
001_3 x 5_Outdoor Dining_View01.jpg
001_3 x 7_Bedroom_Double_View01.jpg

Treatment Room

As private healthcare professionals look to work from home, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and acupuncturists require more space. We have worked alongside healthcare experts to design spaces to suit their requirements.


Our energy-efficient garden dining room was designed to help restaurants and hospitality with business continuity during uncertain times. Customers can feel safe in clean, small-group spaces whilst eating out.


The UK holiday market is on the rise. Add more rooms to your hospitality business as people look for staycations, glamping and unique experiences.

insulated garden room uk hair salon work
Retail Beauty Room insulated Garden Room
insulated garden rooms uk home garden of


As hair and beauty specialists adapt to work from home, our salon garden rooms are designed to make the most of small spaces. Our salon design can be adapted for a number of industries to create a professional workspace to invite your customers into.

Retail Room

With an increase local shopping and unique brand store experiences retail garden rooms can double up as a place to shop and play with room for treatments and services that relate to your brand offering.

Office Space

As industries and office workers move out of big cities, our office garden rooms are the ideal solution for commercial office space. If you have land to fill, why not create a combination of permanent office space and hot-desking pods?

Install your own private breathing room in a matter of weeks.
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