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Frequently asked questions about Fokus Breathing Rooms

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What is needed on site?

Send us photos and in the first instance we can assess the space and access. To avoid any uncertainty we will carry out a survey before we get underway. Most installations tend to be adjacent to a house or building with mains electricity, so the rooms can be powered from the house mains. Solar options are available but these will only power low voltage equipment and appliances.

Do I need a base?

A concrete foundation or pad is ideal, usually takes about a day to prepare the area and a week for the concrete to set. You can organise this yourself otherwise we will happily arrange for this to happen. There are other options such as pile screws but we would need to survey before considering suitability.

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insulated garden office room uk solar po

What kind of planning permission will I need?

As long as you are not planning to sleep in the room, in most cases planning isn’t necessary but we recommend putting in for basic planning, this gets you a Legal Development Certificate. This step mitigates any potential uncertainty but also further validates your investment when you come to sell your property. Normally the process takes 6-8weeks depending on the council where you are based and can be run in parallel to rather than before manufacture of your Fokus breathing space. Within restricted areas such as green belt, green wedge and the grounds of a listed building we recommend involving an architect. Although this will involve some cost, most architects will at least initially assess the likelihood of getting planning free of charge. We will happily introduce you to a recommended architect if you don't already know one.

What is the current lead time on Garden Rooms?

We are currently working on a 8-12 week lead time. Custom and bespoke garden rooms may vary.

home yoga garden rooms wellness room uk.
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What is the time frame for installation?

Depending on the size but 1 day for the foundation 3-5 days for the room.

How long is the timescale for design and engineering?

2-3 weeks

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Would it be possible to have a large glass wall either side?

Yes. We have an in house design team with experience in specialist projects available to work on bespoke projects.

When would be the earliest date we could have installation?

This is dependent on the specification but normally 8-10 weeks from your enquiry

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Please can you advise what sort of electricity this building would need for internal lights etc?

Mains electricity from an adjacent building or solar are both available options

I love your design but it is possible for me to make a few changes based on my personal preferences?

Yes, let us know what you would like your breathing room to look like. With customisable and bespoke services, our in house designer team are available to bring your ideas to life

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What are the sustainability credentials for the Fokus Breathing Room?

All materials used are energy efficient and fully recyclable. All garden rooms are insulated for heat retention, and energy efficient heating and electricity options are available through solar-powered and

Where can Fokus Breathing Rooms be delivered or installed?

Anywhere in the UK and Europe

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What are the payment terms?

50% down payment. 45% week before installing and 5% after handover. 8-12 weeks depending on design

Is heating available in Fokus garden rooms?

Yes, we offer infra-red or a heat exchanger. Our infra-red technology is particularly unobtrusive and cost-effective.

Heating can be hidden in the walls, under-floor or in the ceiling. 

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Can air conditioning be installed in Fokus garden rooms?

Yes. We work with specialist partners for discrete, energy efficient air conditioning.

Install your own private breathing room in a matter of weeks.
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