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Garden Room Bedrooms, a solution for the rise of multi-generational living in the United Kingdom

We have arrived at a point of multi-generation living in the United Kingdom. Back in September Aviva reported that a third of UK households are multigenerational. This is equivalent to over nine million households. Amongst this multi-generational group, adult children account for nearly all of multi-generational set-ups. It has been reported that 11% of adult children return home after university and 11% of adult children stay with their parents while they study. 14% of garden rooms are designed for older relatives.

Whilst lockdown has added to this number - only 3% of households in the United Kingdom reported that adult children returned home during the initial lockdown. During this time, 1% of households took in elderly relatives in order to offer support. With economic instability and an uncertain job market, more and more adult children are deciding to stay with their parents. By consequence, 25% of garden rooms or annexes have been designed for grown-up children to have bedrooms. 20% are developed with lodgers in mind and at time of writing, 20% of London homes are planning conversions for providing a space for adult children via an annexe or garden room. The increase of multi-generational households is due to two societal problems in the United Kingdom - the escalating costs of the care sector for the elderly and the housing market, and more and more families are confronted with these dilemmas. It comes as no surprise that affordability is a growing concern for families.

Additional garden room bedrooms are a viable short term solution without moving

Making a decision to build an annexe for family members to have bedrooms and their own personal space is a big decision, however there are many benefits. Garden room bedrooms are both cost-effective and offer a quick solution to families looking to create additional space without moving home. At the same time, it provides families with a long term benefit of having an additional guest house and improves the overall value of the property.

Customisable garden rooms to suit your requirements and budget

Our insulated UK garden rooms with electricity mean that you are able to find a long-term solution with a shorter lead-time than many other methods of creating additional space. You can work alongside our design team to create a bedroom that suits your needs. We offer our customers a range of design services including pre-designed and bespoke options. All garden rooms come with decoration ready exterior and interior walls.

When it comes to cost, we can cater to a wide range of different budgets with financing options.

Sustainable development initiatives

Local authorities within the United Kingdom are seeking to deliver sustainable development within housing. This includes economic, social and environmental development. Fokus insulated garden rooms deliver on this mission due to the fact that all garden room bedrooms include eco-electrics. This includes solar-power electricity, infra-red heating and the rooms are insulated. This ensures that Fokus bedrooms retain an eco-friendly, cost-effective ongoing cost.

If you are a family looking to increase your household space and build a garden room that acts as an additional bedroom, we can work collaboratively with you to design your desired result.

Any questions? Click here to arrange a call with our team.

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