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Hospitality, Pubs and Restaurants; Garden Rooms for Gatherings of up to Six People

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

From Monday 14th September, new government guidelines have banned gatherings of over six people as a reaction to the recent increase in cases. We now know that you can get covid-19 more than once meaning that if we want customers to continue visiting restaurants, we must take visible measures to ensure their safety.

We have no idea how long coronavirus will continue to effect our lives for, so solutions for restaurants, pubs, hotels and hospitality should be implemented with longevity in mind. What if you could quickly add beautiful rooms to your commercial property that add to the dynamic experience of eating out whilst enabling customers to feel safe? Rooms that have none of the challenges of temporary solutions, and can be up and running within a week. Well, we have something for you...

Fokus; Beautiful Solutions for Pubs, Restaurants and Hospitality

Rules may have reverted backwards a little to keep us safe, but things are clearly different this time. People are determined to adapt a 'can-do' attitude. We need to stay social for our mental, physical and financial health. At the same time, we have a responsibility to keep the most vulnerable and the most nervous feeling safe. Fokus garden rooms can be created to host gatherings of up to six people meaning that you can turn this 'bump in the road' into a beautiful opportunity for your customers. In our new world, community and togetherness are at the centre of our priorities. People are looking to slow down and enjoy time spent with loved ones. After a quick installation, Fokus garden rooms can be decorated to become a part of your hospitality experience. Interior walls are ready to paint, meaning you can create any experiential atmosphere from an exclusive ambience, to a romantic escape, to a family gathering

Practical and perfect; outside space for longevity

As we head towards Autumn/ Winter, and weather conditions become less predictable, most temporary summer solutions to make use of outdoor spaces will start to become redundant. They will be too cold, too damp, too expensive to heat and too much of a fire risk for most solutions. Fokus gardens rooms provide a long-term solution that adds to the visual excitement of your dining experience, whilst benefitting from the following practical advantages:

  • Solar-powered electricity; to please your environmentally aware customers whilst you benefit from low heating and electricity costs

  • Insulated to retain warmth

  • A-grade fire resistant

  • Weather-proof using water-resistant, mould-free materials

  • Fast installation; within 48 hours once the foundations are in place

  • Ready to decorate and to become an important part of your offering

Outside space; garden rooms that do not need planning permission

Garden rooms can be created to your own specifications and requirements. Our team are here to help you with entry-level planning permission if needed. Our standard rooms, below 2.5 metres high, do not require planning permission. If you do successfully apply for planning permission for any of our Fokus garden rooms, they do add to the value of your property, unlike sheds or temporary garden room solutions.

An understanding of customer experience

With over 35 years experience in retail design, consumer behaviour and store experiences, Sheridan&Co, the creators of Fokus, understand your target audience in a practical, design and an emotional context. Working alongside the Fokus x Sheridan&Co team, we can help you build a strategic dining experience to create destination dining whilst bringing reassurance and joy to your customers during uncertain times.

For more information and to talk to a member of the Fokus team directly, reach out to us today. We welcome your questions.

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