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The benefits of running a business from an insulated garden office

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Having spent the last year working from home, many of us have seen the advantages and disadvantages of having a home office. Reducing time spent commuting and increasing time spent with loved ones has been a blessing in disguise, at the same time, thriving from the ideas and energy of coworkers is important. For business owners, outgoings have increased significantly as certain industries realise that running a business can take place for anywhere... So, as many of us look to settle into a hybrid routine of office-based working and working from home, what are the advantages of running your business from an insulated garden office?

'Insulated' is a formative part of this article, so let's start with that.

Do I need my garden office to be insulated?

In short, ideally, yes. Whilst there are many temporary 'off the shelf' timber-based solutions available, usage of these will be limited in months that are too warm or too cold. An insulated garden office will not only help with temperature regulation but sound regulation too.

The unique combination of materials used for Fokus Breathing Rooms are ideal for year round usage as well as sound-proofing meaning that you can focus on running your business with minimal interruption.

Do I need planning permission for my garden office?

If your property is not on protected land, the general rule is that you do not need planning permission if your garden office is less than 2.4m tall. It must be behind the front of your house.

To run a business from your home, you may need permission from your mortgage provider or local council.

Will a garden room add to the value of my home?

In short, yes, if you purchase the right product. Many timber-based products will degrade over time, however, Fokus garden rooms used a unique combination of materials that last. Your Fokus garden office will be an additional room that is detached from your home.

How will a dedicated office space help me run my business?

When it comes to running a business from home, how you switch off is equally as important as the time you spent concentrating. The merge of work-life balance over the last year has meant that many people have found it challenging to switch off. Long term routine including a dedicated space to separate work from home has been seen to improve concentration and motivation. This will help you to gain all the advantages of working from home, without the disadvantages.

To talk to our team about your insulated garden room or garden office requirements, get in touch here.

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