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Limited Edition: The Garden Yoga Room by Yogi Bare and Fokus

Introducing the Fokus x Yogi Bare Breathing Room: a limited edition Wellbeing space that has been thoughtfully curated in a collaboration between the two brands.

This multifunctional beautiful piece of architecture is designed to empower you to take ownership of your new normal and transform it in a way that works for you.

Why Yogi Bare

Yogi Bare is the physical manifestation of the concept of yoga being for everybody and every body. Founder Kat Pither, believes that yoga is the essence that ‘we are all just walking each other home’. It is the idea of sharing our passions, connecting and learning from one another and leaving small imprints of ourselves with the people we interact with.

Yogi Bare was born out of an idea to quietly contribute towards a person's own development journey to self-compassion and understanding. It is a mission that very much aligns with Fokus, who seeks to help people optimise their lives by deliberately and thoughtfully designing spaces to improve health, mood and wellbeing.

Why Fokus makes a perfect outdoor yoga room

Fokus offers their customers the opportunity to design garden rooms around their own specific needs. It is a space to move, breathe and connect.

Our starting point was the goal to create a multi-functional space that evolves with your day just as nature evolves from dawn to dusk, season to season as well as helping to address the fact that we have created work lives that are disconnected from nature.

Our natural state is a state of peace and wellness and works with, rather than against the natural rhythm of the planet. Studies show the importance and link between the planet's circadian rhythm on sleep and serotonin, heat for injury prevention, muscle recovery, mobility and dopamine, as well as eco conscious choices to inspire connection to the earth.

With the Fokus x Yogi Bare concept, it is possible to connect back to nature’s rhythm.

A Limited Edition Garden Room that elevates your day

Start your day in the Yogi-Bare Breathing Room with a meditation designed to evoke the senses through diffused scents blended to invigorate and stimulate feelings as the infra-red heating bathes you and your cells to evoke natural energy and healing.

Experience the renewing effect of your personal sunrise or sunset as the Breathing Room‘s light system gently envelopes you waking you as the natural circadian sunrise would while you ease your body into the day choosing one the Yogi Bare prerecorded Yoga Flows to stretch in the warm cocoon of our specialised heated system. Choose your heat setting and class from delicious restoration, targeted mobility to dynamic intense power yoga.

Emerge into your day as your best self and watch the space transform into a calming focused work space and feel the flow, clarity and creativity subconsciously trickle into your working day through subtle lighting, scent and design cues. Conquer the WFH spinal woes with direct access to Yogi Bare Acupressure and Yoga wheel tools.

The Yogi-Bare Breathing Room can also be transformed into a space to do hot yoga through the heating and steaming system. This special feature enables people to do Bikram yoga in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Rule the night with your mobility routine as the sun sets and prepare yourself for a good night’s rest with curated sleep blends that are diffused into the space.

Crafting an earth friendly future

Both Fokus and Yogi Bare are on a mission to create a better future for the planet and the people who inhabit it. With Yogi Bare, all mats and accessories are crafted from eco-conscious and sustainable materials. The brand has partnered with Plant A Tree, which is an initiative that plants trees to support the wider community through conservation education and community farming. With every Yogi Bare Wild Paws mat sold, a tree is planted.

At Fokus, all materials used to create the garden room are recyclable and eco-driven. The rooms offer solar power options, which creates a sustainable source for both lighting and low-voltage appliances. In addition to this, the rooms offer infra-red heating which requires low energy consumption.

Enabling self expression through design

In the same way that Fokus empowers their customers to design a space that is uniquely reflective of them, Yogi Bare Founder, Kat Pither set out to create a range of eco-sensitive products that are both accessible and bring some fun and personality to a world that can sometimes seem alien or difficult to access.

The Yogi Bare x Fokus collaboration is all about offering yogis a space to practice in an environment that resonates with them, so they can feel free, let go and achieve inner peace.

Setting the bar for work life balance in the new normal

This collaboration was born out of an intention to find peace, disrupt ‘Zoom Doom’ and rediscover the true meaning of work life balance. Both Yogi Bare and Fokus’ innate knowledge of the importance of both headspace and architectural space combine to create a dynamic movable space that not only moves you but moves with you.

The pursuit of wellbeing and happiness, plus carving space and time for personal wellbeing has never been more important in a boundary-less era of working from home and technology burn out.

Fokus x Yogi Bare Breathing Room is the perfect place for you to take care of your wellbeing, reconnect to both nature and yourself. With every new dawn and new day, we are here to make sure you feel good. Because after all, we are all just walking each other home.

If you would like to learn more about how this limited edition Yogi Bare room, enquire with a member of our team here.

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