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Residential Garden Rooms Without Planning Permission in the UK

Whilst there are many different circumstancing surrounding whether or not your garden room requires planning permission, there are a few generic rules that you can use as a guide. It is helpful to check with your local planning office or local council to be sure, but let's look at the basic planning permission rules for garden rooms in the UK.

Residential Garden Rooms Without Planning Permission in the UK

Planning Permission Rules for Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms without planning permission must be less than 2.5m high

All the existing Fokus garden room designs are less than 2.5m high to meet no-low planning permission requirements. If you do have planning permission that will allow for a taller garden room, we can help you custom designs too.

Your Garden Room must be no closer to the road than your house

Garden Rooms without planning permission in the UK must be positioned at the side or at the back of your house. They have to be further away from the road than your house is. If you would like your Garden Room to be level with or closer to the road than your house, please contact your local planning office about planning permission.

Garden Rooms must take up less than 50% of your garden

We have a range of snug garden rooms designed for smaller spaces, custom garden rooms can be designed for spaces that require a made-to-measure solution.

Conservation areas and listed buildings require planning permission

If you live in a listing building or in a conservation area, you will need to talk to your local planning council about your planning permission requirements. We can then design a bespoke room that will fit you your criteria.

Garden Rooms outside the UK

We do design, build and install garden rooms outside the UK and the rules for each country will vary. Please check with your local planning council to determine whether your property is suitable for a garden room, and whether you will require planning.

For any additional questions about planning permission, please reach out to your local planning office. If your property fits with the above criteria and you are ready to learn more about Fokus Breathing Rooms, get in touch with our team.

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