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The UK sees a surge in luxury holiday pods and staycations

Last summer, tourism was met with a reduction of international travel. Yet, following months of lockdown, people in the UK were hungry to experience the escapism, an opportunity to rest and the joy of travel. However, with COVID19 and airlines reporting the slowest traffic growth in over a decade, the hunger for travel was met with staycations, cottage bookings and luxury holiday pods closer to home.

Whilst on the one part people are aware of managing the risks of the virus, another reason people are opting for staycations is because they are increasingly aware of their carbon footprint. Staycations and luxury holiday pods in the UK are thus becoming increasingly popular in a bid to slow climate change. As a consequence, UK staycations are set to boom in 2021. Interestingly in a report conducted by Custard Communications, 71% of the UK public are seeking a UK holiday in 2021. This presents a great opportunity for the UK hospitality sector and indicates that a British staycation is not simply a short-term holiday strategy to COVID19.

The luxury holiday pods boom in the UK

As 2021 will be soon upon us, the UK hospitality sector needs to prepare itself to cater to this increase of people searching for staycations. One great opportunity is the luxury holiday pods market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 11% during the period 2019-2025 (PR Newswire). Fokus is able to help hospitality businesses in the UK adjust to this demand, by providing high quality garden rooms that can act as bedrooms for a luxurious glamping holiday. All garden rooms are insulated and can be multi-functional in execution. We offer fully customisable solutions to businesses looking to extend into the luxury holiday pods market as a viable long term solution to the COVID19 pandemic and staycation boom in the UK. Clients are able to bring their glamping business to life by selecting from semi-bespoke and bespoke options. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for your business to design glamping style bedrooms that reflect your brand and style.

In addition to enabling our clients to select from their own design options, we provide a sustainable offering in the sense that all walls are pre-insulated and maintained by infra-red heating and solar-powered electricity. This ensures that businesses are not only able to cater to the increased demand of people looking to enjoy a staycation vacation, but also meet the needs for sustainable solutions and creating holiday habits that are environmentally friendly.

We understand that businesses differ in terms of budget, which is why our prices cater to a broad range of client needs and we offer competitive financing options. If you would like to learn more about how your hospitality business can extend their luxury holiday pods range, contact us at

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