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Our pre-designed garden rooms cover three sizes with height considerations to fit within the lowest level of planning permission. Customer and bespoke garden rooms can also be designed to fit your garden or outside space.

003_Fokus_3 x 2.4_Single_View01.jpg
001_3 x 5_Yoga Studio_Single_View01.jpg
001_3 x 7_Dining Room_Single_View01.jpg

2.4m x 3m

from £15,000

5m x 3m

from £25,000

7m x 3m

from £34,000

Want more specific information?


Practical solutions meets beautiful design. Infra-red heating, solar-powered electricity and pre-insulated walls means that Fokus Breathing Rooms are a cost-effective, eco-conscious solution. The materials used to build your garden room are completely recyclable, and brand partners such as Tala lightbulbs are selected for their sustainable values. Watch this space as we continue to develop our eco-conscious collaborations.


For many of us, working from home is here to stay and we cannot work from our kitchen tables forever. Unlike timber-based offerings and garden sheds, Fokus garden rooms arrive insulated, mould-resistant and A-grade fire resistant meaning that they can be enjoyed all year round. The walls can be painted in a colour of your choice to fit with the style of your home. This also makes them a safe option than conventional garden sheds.


Fokus breathing rooms start from around £15,000.00. Simplified design solutions are available at a lower cost, as well as bespoke options for those with a higher budget in mind. Fokus Breathing Rooms are a more affordable alternative to most construction and home extensions. They are a more long-lasting investment than fair-weather, affordable or temporary garden spaces. To aid the purchase of our environmentally considered, long-lasting garden rooms, customers can spread the costs of payments with competitive financing options.

001_3 x 7_Bedroom_Double_View04.jpg
Install your own private breathing room in a matter of weeks.
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