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Small Garden Office

Your beautifully designed, easily installed insulated small garden office space with low cost infra-red heating. Forget everything you think you know about insulated garden offices, this modern garden offices uses a hybrid material combination that makes them as useful as any other room in your house.

Your insulated garden office can add to the value of your home.

Our small garden offices come in three styles, shown below, measuring 2.4m x 3m. Bespoke garden office design is also available.

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Outdoor Office

Enjoy all the benefits of working from home, without the distractions of working from home, with your Fokus outdoor office. This garden home office has been designed to encompass the comforts of any other room in your house, whilst being placed in the serine setting of your garden.

Insulated Garden Office

Aesthetic meets function as Fokus insulated garden offices are designed to retain both heat and sound for the optimal work environment. Each garden room is designed not to need planning permission for compliant gardens.

Solar Powered Garden Office

Utilising fire-rated material, Fokus spaces are safer than conventional timber-based structures. You can choose between mains powered electricity or solar powered electrics.

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