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Your room, your way. You can create a few tweaks to our existing designs, or fully customise your bespoke insulated garden room to your personal or professional needs. Fokus Breathing Rooms are A1 fire rated, with mains or solar-powered electricity meaning that eco friendly heating and heat retention options are available. The insulation also helps to retain sound making our bespoke garden rooms ideal for a range of uses including gym space, offices, bedrooms, outdoor kitchens, a guest house or a place to relax and hangout.

Our designers specialise in unique, one-off projects and single or combination use garden rooms can be created to fit your outside space.

Our designers are ready to bring your bespoke insulated garden room to life.


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Bespoke or semi-bespoke rooms

Our existing designs with custom interior and exterior colours. Working alongside our partners we can help you furnish your Breathing Room to your personal preferences.

Select your size, colour and finishes

Select your foundation shape or size and customise finishing touches such as interior stylings, shelves, shades and colours.

Single or combined use garden rooms

Do you have something different in mind? Breathing Rooms by Fokus can be fully customised and made to measure. Work with our designers to create your ideal shape, size and style.

Install your own private breathing room in a matter of weeks.
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