2.4 m x 3 m Garden Rooms

from £22,000 + installation 


Enquire now to add an extra room to your home. 

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Add an extra room to your home with our fully-insulated garden rooms.

Our 2.4m x 3m garden room will add additional space to your home, requiring only 4m square of garden space.  All rooms are double-glazed, with floor-to-ceiling windows allowing plenty of natural light. 

Planning permission is rarely required. 

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Unparalleled Design

Increases Property Value

Fire and Weather Proof

Insulation and Double Glazed

Planning Rarely Required

Design, Delivery and Installation

small insulated garden room from 15000 d
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solar powered insulated garden room work

Bifold Windows

Our classic garden room with floor-to-ceiling bifold windows ensures a practical chic finish that allows plenty of natural light and airflow.

Half Crittall

For a more unique design, talk to us about our optional upgrades for half-crittall or aluminium framed windows.  

Full Crittall

Our full-crittall or aluminium framed windows create an exceptional finish, setting us apart from any other garden room out there. 

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3 x 2.4_Fokus B_View03.jpg

Costs include

  • Design and specification consultation

  • Cladding

  • Roofing

  • Flooring

  • Internal paint (standard colour)

  • 1 x bifold door

  • 2 x windows

  • 8 x spotlights

  • 4 x sockets

  • 2 x outside lights

  • 1 x double dimmer switch

Optional upgrades

  • Aluminium windows

  • Crittall windows

  • Half-crittall windows

  • Custom furnishings

  • Alternative external and internal paint colours

  • Infra-red heating

  • Discrete air-conditioning

  • Air circulation system 

  • Kitchen and bathroom facilities including plumbing 

  • Alternative cladding options

Other cost considerations 

  • Survey

  • Groundwork 

  • Installation

  • Electrics

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"We recently had a custom Fokus garden room installed.  We worked with their design team to create a guest house with a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.  

We are so pleased with the design, installation and the final product.  Everyone who visits wants to stay in our beautiful new garden room."

Install your own private breathing room in a matter of weeks.