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2.4m x 3m GARDEN ROOMS

from £15,000

Get a lot of usage from a small space with our 2.4m x 3m range of garden rooms. Practical meets aesthetics as each interior makes the most of storage opportunities in the space.

from £22,000

Each of our pre-designed models are created with zero to low level planning permission in mind depending on where you would like your garden room. 

from £30,000

Work from home, without moving home. Fokus garden rooms make the most of the space you have. You do not need planning permission in many cases, but if you do have planning permission, these rooms add to the value of your home.

small insulated garden room from 15000 d
small insulated garden room uk £22,000.j
solar powered insulated garden room work
insulated garden room uk office work fro
Install your own private breathing room in a matter of weeks.