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Limited Edition: The Art of Ping Pong Garden Games Room

Since the tech evolution, the art of having hobbies have fallen by the wayside, until now. Over the last two years we have reconnected with the calming, nurturing effects of having a personal practice for no other reason than enjoyment. Globally renowned fashion houses Mr Porter and Selfridges have clearly identified this too, by stocking effortlessly cool ping pong table brand, The Art of Ping Pong. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce our limited edition collaborative garden games room, created alongside the team at The Art of Ping Pong.

Who is The Art of Ping Pong?

Through their creation of products, collaborations, events and supporting good causes; The Art of Ping Pong rejoices in celebrating both the popularity and subculture of ping pong. Full of life and exuberant in designs, the brand is on a mission to become the most spirited ping pong brand in the world by combining their passion for the game with their expertise in art and design. This motivation has led the brand on quite a journey, where they have collaborated alongside some great brands including Nike, The Conran Shop, Estrella Damm, The Hoxton Hotel Group, Goodhood and Koibird, as well as working alongside some of the most exciting artists on the planet. As such, Fokus is thrilled to be partnering with The Art of Ping Pong and joining the brand on its creative journey. Without a doubt, our collaboration will lead to some more exciting and beautiful work.

A Place to Play: Your Limited Edition Garden Games Room

Our exciting collaboration means that our clients have the opportunity to embrace The Art of Ping Pong’s designs and implement them into their own Fokus Room. We are offering two iconic solutions in both design and execution. Both variations embrace the Fokus x The Art of Ping Pong DNA and are truly iconic solutions to our customers. In addition to this, our customers have the opportunity to have a truly unique piece through our bespoke limited edition pieces that will only be designed in small batches of 10 at a time.

The Garden Games Room

The first design is a purer brand expression that gives our clients an exclusive The Art of Ping Pong play room. With two tables, both of which hang as art on the walls when they’re out of use, this is a place to practice the art of ping pong. You will be able to host upto 8 players at any time making this a social space for entertainment, socialising and even tournaments.

The Garden Office

The second variation was inspired by our customers, many of whom are looking for multi-functional garden room spaces. The Garden Office is a multi-purpose office space that then adapts to be a Ping Pong space to think, to process, to create or to play. With a corner desk alongside soft seating,

With our mutual love and passion for craftsmanship, great design, art and architecture, the Fokus x The Art of Ping Pong offers our clients something truly special. We are incredibly excited to be able to offer such a creative solution to our clients and if you would like to learn more, get in touch.

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